Why We Started

Growing up, I wondered if I was the only who felt stuck in between various cultural worlds.

Fitting to some degree, but never fully in each one.

I was born in the Philippines, grew up in Taiwan, and was educated in an American International School.

I’m a third-culture kid – raised in a place outside the country on my passport. I’m also an international student, blessed to have received my college education in the United States.

When I first discovered my love for writing two years ago, I finally found a way to express myself; my confusion, quest for discovery, and interest in finding my place in the world. I soon began writing for my alma mater’s international blog, NewsCenter, and eventually – a local Filipino-American newspaper.

While I found that it fulfilled my Filipino side, I still looked for an outlet where I could talk as an outsider stuck in between various cultures; fully belonging to nowhere.

So, I started this blog.

For the Third-Culture Kids, the International School kids, the foreigners, and everyone in between.

I hope this place serves as a safe haven for those who want to be heard – to know that they’re not alone.

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