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The City Series: 3 Things I Miss About Taipei

Let me present to you Taiwan. 

What is Taiwan like? 

Imagine the cleanliness of Japan, the innovation of Silicon Valley, and the elegance of Paris rolled in one city.  

I love my country so much I created a travel business, Experience Taiwan, to promote it further a few years ago. Why this obsession? In Taiwan, you will find beauty not just in nature but also in people. We also treat our animals and our environment with respect. I hope you’ll get to travel there when the world calms down a bit! It’s truly a place like no other. 

While Los Angeles is home now, I still hold Taiwan and Taipei (the capital) close to my heart. Here are three things that I miss about my hometown (and things you can watch out for when you travel there!).

1. Healthcare System

Taiwan’s healthcare system ranks among the best in the world. It is one of the safest places to be in right now amidst the Corona Virus pandemic. For this reason, I miss it dearly. 

We also take care of our immigrants. Albeit not free, expats still get the same love and compassion from our healthcare professionals. 

My mother passed from cancer last year, and one of her last words were, “I am so grateful we are Taiwanese. We are loved here.” 

Her testament is enough to show how the healthcare system is a success in the public’s eye. 

2. High-Quality Food, Coffee, Tea 24/7

If you are a foodie, this is the place to be. We are responsible for the creation of Bubble Milk Tea, Din Tai Fung, and Pineapple cakes. We take our food seriously here. You will be pampered with abundance. 

You can get delicious sushi rolls, spicy hotpot, and quality iced latte in 7-11 anytime you want. 

Just typing this is making me hungry. 

3. Safety

You will feel an air of zen the moment you step foot at Taoyuan International Airport. We believe what goes around comes around, so compassion is one of our highest values. I miss not having to worry about losing my things because it will always find its way back to me.

I remember losing my passport some years ago in one of the busiest Taipei metro stations. Shortly after, I walked into the lost & found, and the front desk lady smiled and handed it back to me. This doesn’t happen everywhere. 

If you have any questions about Taiwan, feel free to reach out to me!


Cristine Chen

Cristine is an Entrepreneur, International Trainer, and TEDx speaker. Her mission is to provide entrepreneurs and their teams the mindset tools needed to achieve their goals.